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Kathy Wasik has been tutoring students across the United States and the world for over a decade. Upon graduating from Vassar College in 2004 with a BA in Mathematics, she was hired by an elite tutoring firm in New York City, with whom she worked for ten years as a senior level tutor. In 2014, she began tutoring independently. She has helped students achieve the grades and scores necessary for admission to the most prestigious schools in the US and abroad. She custom designs tutoring programs for students at the elementary, middle school, high school, and university levels.

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Chase Ebert graduated from Yale University with a BA in philosophy. He began tutoring with a boutique Connecticut test prep firm while still an undergrad and has spent the past ten years tutoring students in the SAT, ACT, SSAT, numerous SAT Subject and AP tests, and various academic subjects including history, English, all levels of math through AB/BC calculus, philosophy, economics, and government. He has a long track record of guiding students to achieve significant gains in tests and excellence in the classroom. His greatest strength as an instructor lies in his ability to genuinely connect with tutees, maintaining high standards while boosting morale through humor and copious encouragement. When not tutoring, Chase enjoys writing and reading fiction, cooking, and running with his Australian Shepherd, Abbie.


David Bogdan graduated summa cum laude from Syracuse University in 2002, after which he quickly discovered a passion for helping others succeed.  Since then he's been helping students around the world master new subjects, ace tests, and gain entry into some of the country's most prestigious educational institutions.  He leads his students to success with the simple principle that anything is possible with diligent effort and the right guidance. 


After receiving a near perfect score on the SAT, Mila Liakhovitser began her tutoring career as a student at Duke University, from which she graduated in 2015 with a BS in Mathematics, a BA in Philosophy, and a Minor in Economics. Upon graduating, she began work as a Business Analyst for Capital One and currently works as the Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis for a FinTech startup. Her love of tutoring, however, has never dissipated, and she has continued to work part-time as a math and test prep tutor. Mila prides herself on her ability to understand each student's individual needs and tailor her tutoring style to best accommodate them. 


Stoyan Stoyanov has been tutoring students across the world for over a decade. Upon graduating from Columbia University with a Master’s in Political Science, he has taught in high school and college classrooms, written lesson materials in all math-related subjects and tutored students one-on-one. Stoyan patiently develops a student’s knowledge and skills by creating lesson plans, problem sets, and homework assignments tailored to a student’s current level of understanding.

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How It Works

How It Works

Subjects we tutor

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Setting up a tutoring program

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During your first conversation with Kathy, she will assess the needs of the student. Will he need regular weekly support for a difficult subject in school? Is she hoping to increase her SAT score by 300 points? Does he need assistance on college essays? Kathy will design a tutoring program based on the student's goals. 

Enrichment programs

Are you looking for fun academic challenges for your child? We offer enrichment programs for students K-12. Courses range in length from one week to fifty-two. Recent courses have included:

  • Middle/High School: 4-week course on Edwin Abbott's Flatland, with projects ranging from envisioning the innards of a 2-d shape to constructing a 4-d cube

  • Elementary School: 4-week course on Greek mythology, with projects ranging from conducting a Zoom interview with Greek gods to composing a song for tragic figure Orpheus to sing 


We offer both hourly rates and package deals. Please contact Kathy for an estimate.



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Parents Are Saying

“Kathy was great, she taught both our daughters and helped them a lot with their SATs. Now they are both at their top choice schools and we are very proud and happy. Kathy was always easy to reach, patient and very friendly!”

- Philippe F.


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